Jagadeesh Ambati

JD Ambati is an entrepreneurial executive with over 16 years of experience in AI, product development, strategic sales and strategy. He is responsible for growing companies from infancy to maturity by generating multi-million dollars in revenue and delivering value to customers. JD built strategic revenue streams for various startups and public companies by developing global partnerships with leading customers, agencies, and holding companies. JD has a Masters in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence track) and Bachelor of Engineering - Chemical Engineering.

Everest Labs

Everest Labs is advancing the waste management industry using modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Computer Vision and Robotics. Our solutions increase the quality of marketable recyclables and reduces dependency on human labor while enabling top line and bottom line revenue growth for waste management companies. Our Master Plan: To reduce fossil fuels burn rate by empowering manufacturers and packaging industry to use more recycled materials in their inputs and sustainable packaging. We started by solving problems at recycling plants using AI and robotics. Our vision is to become the trusted leader in AI and Robotics in complex environments such as the waste management industry.