Shaun Bourgeois

My M.A.Sc. project primarily involved researching exoskeleton technology for motion-capture/haptic-feedback and mobility-assistance applications with a focus on manipulator design, kinematic analysis, and passive exoskeleton prototyping.
• 3+ years of R&D experience in robotic manipulators for exoskeleton applications
• Advanced knowledge in the kinematic analysis of serial and parallel manipulators
• 7+ years of experience collaborating with diverse, effective teams during a wide range of engineering student projects at the bachelor's and master's degree levels

Human in Motion

Human in Motion Robotics is a start-up company that has designed the most advanced wearable lower limb exoskeleton system. Unlike existing trends within the industry, the newly developed exoskeleton device supports the full range of motion for users to experience normal walking and maintain their balance in complex activities such as uphill, downhill, turning, and stairs. A key element in designing this lower limb exoskeleton its miniaturized versatile robotic joint technology for hip, knee and ankle which is based on the state of the art patent pending mechanisms. The unique features of this exoskeleton make it a viable solution for a wide range of applications including mobility assistive devices, motion augmentation, robotic rehabilitation, gaming industry, robotic surgery, and fall prevention.