Justin Mares

Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire started when Justin and Nick first heard about bone broth and its amazing health benefits in late 2013. Justin was looking to incorporate bone broth into his Paleo diet more regularly with all his travel. Around the same time, Nick tore his ACL while playing soccer (ouch!) and was looking for foods that could help with the healing and recovery process. Being the incredible brother he is, Justin went online to buy Nick some bone broth…and couldn’t find anything that worked. After lots of searching, he could find only frozen bone broth made with bones from non-organic, non-grass-fed cattle and shipped in styrofoam containers (which are terrible for the environment). These things combined were enough to stop them from buying bone broth.  And they weren’t the only ones. With the goal to deliver the amazing health benefits of bone broth to the world, Justin and Nick had to find another way. This passion for creating a superior bone broth led them on a year-long journey to find the best recipe, the best bones, the best ingredients, and the best packaging. We at Kettle & Fire can now proudly say that we have succeeded. And, our customers agree: check out