• Investment date: August 23, 2018
  • Initial investment stage: Seed
  • Current company stage: Seed
  • Market category: Active, Healthtech

Shrenik Jain

Marigold Health

Marigold Health is a mobile app for text-based group therapy to aid those with opioid and alcohol addiction while increasing the capacity of clinical providers. Our novel AI algorithms allow patients 24/7  access to care by understanding the emotional sentiment in messages, directing existing case managers to those at highest risk for relapse.

Accessible, on-demand, and stigma-free support for Patients results in a drastic reduction in barriers to care. Patients can reach a group of 5-7 peers who can relate anytime from the palm of their hand. Text-based support is conducted under a pseudonym to remove the fear of judgement, allowing underserved and stigmatized patients to find care from those who can relate, 24/7.

Increased efficiency with real-time monitoring for Providers through integrated diagnostic forms, notes, handouts, and polls for easy patient assessments and care. Seamlessly refer patients between psychiatrists, case managers, therapists, and more.