• Investment date: July 18, 2017
  • Initial investment stage: Seed
  • Current company stage: Seed
  • Market category: Active, Healthtech, Healthy Food

Victor Chapela


Suggestic uses artificial intelligence to decipher the language of food. Beyond thinking of food as fuel, we now understand that it can be decoded and used as an information source that modulates our biology. We combine this new language of food with the latest nutrition science and augmented reality to enable “precision eating.” Precision eating allows us to lose weight, increase vitality and prevent or even reverse chronic disease, all while enhancing our longevity.

  • Make the right food choices for your individual weight loss, disease-risk reduction or health improvement goals by using Suggestic.
  • Discover recipe suggestions selected from over 1 million options, optimized individually to you. Try using the contents of your fridge as input! If planning to eat out instead, use Suggestic’s chat-bot and augmented reality interface to find your optimal meal options at over 500.000 restaurants.
  • Healthy eating choices have most of us confused. We’re bombarded with nutritional information, often conflicting. Even if we did know precisely what we should eat, because of behavioral factors we find it very difficult to stick to. Yet today’s chronic diseases and the obesity epidemic are rooted in our lifestyle choices, most notably our eating choices.

Suggestic’s AI processes thousands of scientific papers, proven clinical guidelines, dietary rules, along with your unique physiology and eating habits. It discovers the causal patterns underlying the daily dynamic interplay among our genetics, environment and our daily food choices. It then presents optimal food choices using an understanding of behavioral science to help you reach your goal.