• Investment date: February 7, 2019
  • Initial investment stage: Seed
  • Current company stage: N/A
  • Market category: Active, Venture Fund

Thea Messel

On the journey of unleashing untapped potential of underrepresented founders in the Nordics

Unconventional Ventures

Unconventional Ventures is a new Nordic micro-VC that will invest in early-stage startups (pre-seed/seed) led by underrepresented founders (women, LGBTQ+, people of color, immigrants) in the Nordics.

Investing in startups led by diverse founders represents one of the biggest investment opportunities today. In 2017 only 3,2 % of venture capital deals went to female-founded startups in the Nordics, globally this figure was 4%. At the same time startups founded or co-founded by women continue to overperform by 2,5x.

Thea Messel, GP and founder of the fund, has 10 y experience in Sustainable Banking, Responsible investments, Startups, startup ecosystems and early-stage funding (Linkedin), is Norwegian and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founding investors include Arlan Hamilton, GP Backstage Capital, Hampus Jakobsson, and Venture Partner BlueYard (Linkedin).